Our Kinky and Curly hair requires special attention and tender loving care to really flourish which means understanding , learning and loving our hair is the starting pointing for success.

As a natural sister myself l will blogging a lot on hair and how to manage our Kinky and Curly hair.

Our natural hair needs a lot of love and gentle care , that’s how God made it. Kinky hair will thrive, if cared for with special love and attention to its texture. Remember, curls and kinks tend to be drier than straighter hair. I’ve spend this year learning and nailing down the correct moisturizers for the styles I want to wear and maintain. Some styles and seasons will call for heavier creams ,butters and oils, while others will need a lighter product.

Homemade recipes are a good option if you are looking for all natural, highly potent potions, looking to stretch your hair-care budget, or if you find your hair to be sensitive or resistant to many retail products. Making your own favorite blends will give you the most customized control of your curly hair beauty regiment.

Lots of trial and error on your part will be required on this hair journey. If like me you have watched many videos and read many books, you’ll quickly learn that your hair may or may not behave the way your favorite YouTuber’s does but it can somewhat help you on your journey. Often your texture will be totally different, or the density of your hair is different, or the products are totally different and the climate you live in can affect the look of your hair. Just play around and have fun! Once you figure out what your hair loves and even more importantly, what it HATES, you’ll fall in love with your natural kinks, coils and curls.

These recipes and treatments will work nicely on their own, and in conjunction with your favorite retail products. Experiment and have fun creating your own customized concoctions! Learn which ingredients work best for your hair, then combine them to create your own natural customized remedies! I have found that my hair has been thriving from feeding it nutrient-rich, remedies.

Follow me on this Journey as l continue to discover and learn my natural hair.

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