What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils are base oils or vegetable oils derived naturally from plant kernels like nuts, or from seeds, or other fatty parts of a plant.

Carrier oils are also derived from animal fossils but it is not a suitable carrier for personal care and aromatherapy infusions. Although mineral oil is used in many beauty products and personal care like baby oil, it is not a suitable carrier oil.

Carrier Oil Preparation

You can prepare carrier oil in three different ways:

Preparation by cold pressing. This is the most common way of preparing carrier oil. The oil is extracted from the fatty portion of the botanical plant using a pressing machine and the natural heat generated by the friction from the machine.

Preparation by cold expeller pressed. This method is similar to cold pressing with extra heat kept to a minimum. The cool condition is necessary to keep the natural nutrients in the oil.

Preparation by solvent extraction. This process uses a solvent to extract the oil. Using this process destroys the natural nutrients and fatty acids of the oil, leaving just remnants of the solvent mix with your oil.

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